Schiphol and partners win Best Practice Award!

Unique cooperation in accordance with the Responsible Market Behaviour Code for the Cleaning and Window Cleaning Sector. 

Schiphol and VFM Facility Experts, together with cleaning companies Hago, ISS, Raggers and Asito, have won the 2016 Best Practice Award of the Responsible Market Behaviour Code for the Cleaning and Window Cleaning Sector! 

The theme of the winning best practice was: a tendering process with the basic premise of collectivity with responsibility shared between the four suppliers across one another's areas of work. "An exceptional tendering process, which best reflected the ideas of the Code, ultimate chain corporation and everything involved with this," according to Kees Blokland, chairman of the jury for the fifth awards in a row. This year, again, the public and the jury together picked the winner. And this year it again started with an online voting round: more than 1000 people voted for their favourite best practice.
"The jury was impressed by the collectivity as shared responsibility between the four suppliers. Cooperation also takes place by competitors, across their own areas of work. Thanks to this collectivity, sustainable deployability of employees is guaranteed. And something we like to see at the Code. A good example for others,” explained the chairman of the jury.

Best Practice Award

The Best Practice Award  is awarded each year by Code Schoonmaak  (‘the Cleaning Code’). Companies can win the award if there has been an exceptional cooperation, a best practice. This year, four cooperations were nominated which operate according to the ideals of the Code: doing business fairly, with an eye for one another's interests.

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