VFM starts Passenger Travel Platform for facility professionals

The Passenger Travel Platform held its first meeting on Tuesday 11 October. This is an initiative of VFM for facility professionals active in the public transport and aviation sectors, with the objective of promoting the sustainable sharing of knowledge and cooperation. Nine professionals working in areas including urban public transport, the railways and airports have joined the platform, which meets each quarter to discuss a theme.

Inter-colleague knowledge sharing

In recent years, VFM has acquired a solid position in the public transport and aviation sectors. We are seeing that many organisations in these areas are working on the same themes, but that the sharing of knowledge between colleagues is limited. This was the reason to create a platform for this specific sector.


The platform meetings are organised around current themes such as sustainability, customer experience and purchasing, with room for knowledge sharing and discussion. The theme of the first meeting was 'the journey of the passenger'. Beautiful Lives, a market research firm, provided the participants with insight into the importance of a good customer definition for an optimal customer or passenger experience. Why is it so important for a client to know what interests your customer, how do you find this out and, in particular, how do you respond to this? On the basis of these questions, the participants shared their experiences, and there was a great deal of recognition regarding the examples put forward. A more important conclusion of the participants was that they could serve the passenger even better if they approach the journey of the passenger integrally: for example, from metro, to station, to airport.

Responses of the participants

The responses from the first meeting a positive, and provided enough questions and subjects for discussion with one another. In short, plenty of reasons to schedule a follow-up meeting in the near future. Are you also a facility professional who is active in the public transport or aviation sectors, and would you like to participate in this platform? If so, please contact VFM at 030-273 50 70 or info@vfm.nl.


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