Workplace study

Are you making optimum use of your work environment, and are there in fact too few places to concentrate, or conference rooms? A workplace measurement or staffing level study provides you with insight into the actual use of your workplaces and rooms. We often recommend that multimoment measurements be carried out, in order to be able to analyse all the working days of the week. This study provides insight into:

  • The actual staffing level of the workplaces, interview rooms, conference rooms, etc., in the building.
  • The use of the work facilities (related to the activities of employees)

The insight this provides can, for example, enable you to make a well-founded decision regarding the workplace factor, the desired expansion, the lack of conference room experienced, etc., etc. Our report is clear and can be read and understood by anybody. Interested? We would be happy to put you in touch with satisfied clients, or visit you to make a presentation!


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