Hospitality scan 

How hospitable is your organisation, and the organisation of your facilities? Research this using our Hospitality Scan! This scan provides an objective picture of the current level of service provision. We distinguish various critical processes in your organisation. Our auditors visit your location(s) and look at the contact moments (touch points) of a guest or employee with the facility service provision. Your organisation scores on three performance indicators: 

1. Conduct of the employees (for example, image, customer friendliness, knowledge)
2. The service (for example, level as agreed)
3. The environment (such as workplace and ambience)

We bring together the results in a report that forms the basis for a good discussion. We then reach agreement with you on the desired level of hospitality for your organisation, and draw up a detailed plan of action to guide your organisation, and the organisation of your facilities, to the right level. 


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